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MSU hosts INSIGHT camp for visually impaired students

INSIGHT, a postsecondary preparation program for high school students who are blind or visually impaired, is being held on the Morehead State University campus June 4-11.   

INSIGHT is a collaboration between MSU, Kentucky Office for the Blind, Kentucky School for the Blind (KSB), Kentucky Education Development Corporation (KEDC) and the KSB Charitable Foundation. The program is in its 15th year at MSU, and 21 students will participate in this year’s camp. Connie Hill, INSIGHT coordinator at the KSB, said MSU has been a good partner for the camp over the years.  

“The welcome mat has been out for us all the time at MSU,” Hill said. “We’ve always worked well as a team with MSU to offer and improve the program and it’s all student-driven; it’s all for the students. The camp gives students a chance to see what they can do and what they need to work on to prepare for the transition to college life.”  

The program is offered to students who have completed the 10th, 11th or 12th grade and gives them a real-world college experience, including living in a residence hall, attending academic classes and practicing orientation and mobility skills in a campus environment.   

For more information about INSIGHT, visit or email Hill at   

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