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MSU eSports Lounge opens in ADUC this fall

MSU eSports Lounge PictureStudent-gamers at Morehead State University are about to have a space on campus to call their own.  

Starting in the Fall 2022 semester, Room 252 of the Adron Doran University Center (ADUC) will become the MSU eSports Lounge. MSU is now one of only a few colleges with an eSports lounge in the state.   

The project is a collaboration between the Division of Student Affairs, Student Government Association, Office of Facilities Management, the Office of Information Technology and MSU's student gaming clubs. 

"We had a number of eSports clubs on campus who were asking for a venue to come together," said Darrell Smith (Class of 1993), executive director of infrastructure services at MSU. "They know exactly what they needed and what they are looking for."  

The MSU eSports Lounge will feature 10 gaming stations capable of hosting two five-person eSports teams. There will also be two additional units that are "hot swappable" if there are technical issues, and a new unit is required in the middle of gameplay. Through the University's existing partnership with Dell, the gaming stations will feature high-end Alienware gaming equipment, including 27" IPS monitors, gaming chairs and the Aurora R13 Gaming Desktop base system, which is a big selling point for gamers thanks to its processing speed.  

"I know they are going to be pleased because the specs on this stuff are going to be top of the line," Smith said. "At the end of the day, it's going to translate to an experience that is fabulous."  

In addition to the 10 gaming stations, two areas will feature wall-mounted 65" Samsung UHD TVs with both an Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 console to support MSU's gaming club console users. Another wall will have a 72" Samsung UHD TV with two Nintendo Switch consoles capable of supporting up to eight players.  

The lounge will also have a sign-in/help desk and two security cameras with remote live viewing and 30-day recording capability.  

In addition, ADUC 251 will be home to the eSports Lounge’s streaming room. MSU has outfitted the room with two monitors, headsets and Alienware gaming chairs, a green screen, custom game lighting, an Elgato streaming deck and plenty of connections so gamers can plug in and livestream their gaming sessions. Smith said MSU will consider upgrading the streaming room in the future based on how frequently it is used. 

"I would say that the student feedback we have received so far has been excitement and comments like, 'Wow, this is awesome," and ‘Thanks, MSU, for providing an opportunity for us gamers on campus,'" said Russ Mast, vice president for student affairs. "Anytime we can add or bring opportunities to campus that enhance the student experience is great."  

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