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MSU receives Kentucky Reading Project grant

Morehead State University received a grant to provide learning for teachers in the area.  

The funding allowed MSU to host the Kentucky Reading Project (KRP), a professional development initiative for public school elementary teachers (P-5) that prioritizes increased student achievement and family involvement in literacy.   

The week-long workshop took place at Ginger Hall from July 18-22. Seven teachers from within MSU’s service region attended. The focus was on the Science of Reading, including content centered on one of the following areas: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency and comprehension. Participants connected these areas to Scarborough’s Reading Rope. During this summer institute, the National Center for Families Learning facilitated an all-day workshop on engaging families in reading.  

The week-long workshop is part of a yearlong, graduate-level literacy course that also includes follow-up sessions during the year and a coaching visit for each teacher. Participants benefit by receiving three graduate-level credit hours from MSU after the course’s completion in 2023 and a stipend, books and professional resources.  

To learn more about the Kentucky Reading Project or to apply, go to You can also contact Rebecca Roach at  

For more information about MSU’s Ernst and Sara Lane Volgenau College of Education and its programs, call 606-783-2162 or visit