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Pursue your professional aspirations at the Career and Internship Fair 

Morehead State University's Career and Internship Fair is an opportunity for students to make connections and start gaining hands-on experience to launch their careers. Eagles can gain an advantage in reaching their career goals by attending the Fall Career and Internship Fair on Wednesday, September 28, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. in the ADUC ballrooms. At MSU's fair, you can connect with regional, state-wide and even out-of-state employers and graduate programs all while learning about full-time and part-time jobs, internships, co-ops, and graduate schools.  

"Employers expect graduates to have hands-on experience in addition to the learning occurring in the classroom. MSU prioritizes ensuring our students have opportunities to engage in high-quality experiential opportunities as part of their learning experience. The career fair is the signature event that connects students to employers and graduate programs to land internships and co-ops as well as full-time jobs," said Megan Boone, director of MSU's Center for Career Development and Experiential Education.    

It's crucial for first- and second-year students – even freshmen – to make attending a career fair a priority, as the event is a great way to gain information and advice that will differentiate you from the competition.     

Riley Warner, a junior majoring in horticulture, agronomy and strategic communication, has taken advantage of the Career and Internship Fair throughout her college career.   

"The Career and Internship Fair is a great opportunity to network with employers and explore the opportunities they are offering," Warner said. "I've been able to make valuable connections with organizations and businesses that I'm interested in currently and after graduation. Everyone should attend the fair and take advantage of the opportunity to explore different options each employer has."  

Students should do a bit of preparation to make the most of their time at the Career and Internship Fair:     

  • Dress the part. Make sure to dress professionally, as potential employers will immediately take you more seriously when you make a solid first impression. If you need a suit or business jacket, visit the Suit Bank in the MSU's Center for Career Development and Experiential Education. If you find something you like that fits, you can have it without charge.    
  • Bring copies of your resume and have an introduction prepared that will serve as what Boone calls your "30-second commercial."    
  • Research the companies and schools that will be in attendance and be prepared with questions to ask them. Kayla Harrison, director of talent management at St. Claire Healthcare, puts it well: "When you come to the Career and Internship Fair, have your resume ready in a concise and easy-to-read format. Be prepared to introduce yourself and have some basic knowledge of our organization. This allows us to focus the time we have together on getting to know your strengths and accomplishments. Use the event as a chance to inform yourself, so don't hesitate to ask the recruiters what they are looking for in an intern or employee. We are so excited to meet you and learn about you."  
  • Expand your network. It is never too early to explore industries and start building your network. You could be that student who walks out of the Career and Internship Fair with an offer to interview for a fantastic opportunity that you did not know existed. Many MSU graduates return to campus to recruit talent and are eager to assist current students in achieving career goals. "There are many advantages to attending the fair, from making your name known to employers and graduate schools in your field to getting comfortable interacting in a professional setting," Boone said.     

Students who attend the Career and Internship Fair will also have the unique opportunity to receive a free professional headshot that they can use on their LinkedIn page and other social media accounts. "We want to ensure MSU students have the resources necessary to build a professional presence online and in person," Boone said.    

Representatives at the fair genuinely want to recruit MSU students for jobs, internships and graduate schools. Debbie Jones, the owner of Jackson Hewitt Tax Services, said, "Participating in the Career and Internship Fair gives Jackson Hewitt Tax Service an opportunity to meet and network with prospective candidates. We are actively recruiting students to fill internship positions. An internship can provide a plus to include on a resume, as well as help the student gain practical knowledge for their own personal benefit going forward."   

Lisa Marcum, HR Manager with Baldwin CPAs, said, "We attend the Career and Internship Fair as it is an opportunity to connect. There is no substitute for an in-person interaction that allows us to get to know candidates a bit more. We have open internship positions as well as full-time opportunities. We don't miss a chance to connect with Morehead State University students."   

Take advantage of the MSU Fall Career and Internship Fair, which takes place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, September 28, in the Adron Doran University Center (ADUC) ballroom. MSU students and alumni from all majors are encouraged to attend. Make sure you download the free Symplicity Jobs and Careers app on Google Play and Apple and find out who you can meet at the fair.   

Thanks to MSU's Office of Career Services, Morehead State University students have access to numerous resources geared toward their success. See upcoming events focused on giving students more helpful tools, knowledge and opportunities.    

For more information about MSU Career Services, call 606-783-2233 or visit     

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