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Craft Academy student presents research in Japan

Kiera Fehr with Tokyo view behind herKiera Fehr, a Craft Academy senior from Lexington, and Dr. Rachel Rogers, assistant professor of research for the Academy, presented at the International Academic Forum’s 14th Asian Conference on Education (ACE2022), held in November in Tokyo, Japan.

They represented MSU and the Craft Academy at the conference, presenting research on the impact of informal STEM learning on student success.

Fehr and Rogers' research investigated the impact of outside-of-class untraditional learning experiences on student success inside the classroom. They found that students grew from these experiences (classified within the study using a student's personal learning experiences) in six ways independently defined as new experiences, new skills and understanding, Impact future/ STEM careers, desire for credibility, perseverance, and self-efficacy.

While at the event, Fehr and Rogers networked and attended sessions on the latest research in education.

“This was my first experience spending time in another country, so everything was automatically interesting to me,” Fehr said. “My favorite part of the trip was the conference dinner. Sitting with professionals from South Africa, Portugal, Australia, Britain, China, and Japan, I was able to have the special experience of listening to the interactions and conversations that connected us all. It was exciting to spend the evening laughing and connecting with people from the most different backgrounds.”

“Overall, it was a superb trip which I believe changed my life. I now understand the expectations, traditions, and lifestyle of living in Japan, which has shifted the way I view our society and how I understand the world,” Fehr said. “I have to admit that I enjoyed the fun souvenirs, tasty treats, and genuine conversations I experienced on this research trip. I am grateful to my mentor, Dr. Rachel Rogers, who gave me the direction and time needed to complete this research. I am extremely lucky that she embarked on this adventure with me and supported me through the entire project.”

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