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MSU professor earns top prize in competition  

embedded-news-gary-mesa-gaido.webpGary Mesa-Gaido, professor of art at Morehead State University, took home a top prize at last year's ArtPrize competition and art showcase in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

Mesa-Gaido was the Juried Awards Digital Winner for his entry "Derivations of a Gothic Arch Part 2" and received a prize of $10,000. It was displayed at the Grand Rapids Community College Paul Collins Gallery last year.  

Mesa-Gaido's vision statement describes the six-minute digital animation with audio as a work that "moves through multiple iterations of a gothic arch being pushed and pulled, digitally, in a multitude of directions and shapes that all tie back to the gothic architectural element of the arch."  

ArtPrize is an independent art competition that highlights and celebrates international artists across all mediums and displays art in various locations around the city over 18 days. Established in 2009, the 2022 ArtPrize event was the last year of the competition.  

"I had no idea how it was going to be received because I had never shown them anywhere before other than my website," Mesa-Gaido said. "The fact that it won a prize is just a mind-boggling experience. I had no idea anyone would even like it, let alone give it an award."  

View Mesa-Gaido's award-winning piece.  

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