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Holderby selected for Kentucky APA internship program  

embedded-news-trevor-holderby.webpTrevor Holderby has career aspirations of working as an auditor and becoming a certified public accountant (CPA). As he works to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting at Morehead State University, Holderby is about to gain valuable experience on his way to achieving his goals.  

Holderby was one of a select few students chosen to participate in Kentucky's Auditor of Public Accounts (APA) Follow the Data Intern Program this summer.  

Established by State Auditor Mike Harmon, whose motto for the APA office is "Follow the Data," the internship program allows students to gain knowledge and experience working in the state capital of Frankfort doing public and government accounting.  

A junior from Salyersville, Holderby was always good at numbers in high school and chose to come to MSU due to the number of people in his family who are former Eagles, namely his great-great uncle Curt Cochran (Class of 1966), who went on to work for Boeing, and his father Kevin Holderby (Class of 1999), who is a successful business manager in Ceredo, West Virginia.  

"I think seeing the success stories of these individuals drew me to coming to MSU," Holderby said.  

While initially enrolling at MSU as a general business major, Holderby's first two accounting classes led to him changing to his current major. He said each new lesson and influential instructors like Assistant Professors of Accounting Dr. Kimberly Fatten and Dr. Stephen Brigham increased his passion for his major.  

"I'd always heard accounting is boring, don't be an accountant. You're going to regret it later on. There's sub-areas within the accounting area. There's so much you can do in accounting," he said. "Every passing year that I'm in the business program, I feel even greater I made the right choice for my future career."  

After Auditor Mike Harmon came to MSU's campus to speak in 2022 and mentioned the internship program and with the encouragement and guidance of Professor Brigham, Holderby not only decided to apply for the internship, but he also walked out of the interview with an internship offer.  

"Going into the interview, I felt pretty prepared, especially after what Dr. Brigham had given me," he said. "I believe they were just pretty impressed with my preparation and eagerness."  

Holderby hopes the internship will give him knowledge in auditing and governmental accounting (classes he plans to complete at MSU in Fall 2023) and provide a networking opportunity that hopefully leads to him working for the Kentucky APA one day. He said his time at MSU has strengthened his passion for his major and his confidence in reaching his goals after graduation.  

"I couldn't be more thankful for what I've accomplished and endured at MSU. The faculty and staff here have pushed me to be the best I can be and to work hard and appreciate my work," Holderby said. "I feel like I've been well equipped with the knowledge and skills I have to be successful in my career."  

To learn more about business programs at MSU, email or call 606-783-2090

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