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Jerry Gore to be honored posthumously with MSU Founders Award 

embedded-news-jerry-gore.webpThe Morehead State University Board of Regents has announced that the late Jerry Gore (Class of 1971, 1972, 1975) will be recognized as the 2023 recipient of the Founders Award for University Service.  

Jerry Gore served at MSU for 27 years before his retirement in 1998. When he retired, he was the director of minority student affairs. In 1999, the then-named Office of Minority Student Services awarded him with an Outstanding Service Award for his leadership in promoting African American heritage and paving the way for meaningful change at MSU.  

Gore was also a prolific historian and advocate for preserving African American history and heritage. He helped establish the National Underground Railroad Museum in his hometown of Maysville. Gore also co-founded Freedom Time, a company that offers tours of Underground Railroad sites. He traveled the country to educate children about the history of slavery, performing informative historical skits at schools. He said, "To know where you are going, you must know from which you came."   

Gore passed away unexpectedly due to illness in 2016. Hundreds of MSU students were impacted by Gore’s service and dedication to students, which continued long after his retirement. To cement his legacy and memory, the MSU African American Alumni Group established the Jerry Gore African American Heritage Endowment in 2018. The fund, valued at nearly $90,000, supports a scholarship awarded to students actively participating in campus diversity initiatives, clubs, or groups.  

MSU African American Alumni Group members Michael Gray (Class of 1992) and Wayne Box Miller (Class of 1979) expressed their gratitude for Gore's work and his receiving the Founders Award. 

"His commitment to minority students and their families was unparalleled. It is virtually impossible to determine the impact he had on welcoming students of color to campus and how much he was personally invested in our success after graduation," they said. "With the awarding of the highly prestigious Founders Award, his legacy is now firmly and rightfully entrenched within the fabric of this University. Jerry Gore and Morehead State University are synonymous with higher education and will be for years to come." 

Gore’s legacy will be honored with the Founders Award for University Service during Homecoming 2023 celebrations, held November 2-4. For more information on Homecoming, visit

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