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Dr. James R. Masterson co-edits newly published book 

Dr. James R. Masterson, chair of the Department of History, Philosophy, Politics, Global and Legal Studies, along with Professor Sam Edwards, assistant professor of legal studies at Quinnipiac University, published and co-edited the book, "Government Responses to Disruptive Innovations: Perspectives and Examinations." Released in May 2023 by IGI Global, it delves into the critical role of government in addressing and adapting to the policy challenges posed by disruptive innovations. 

Masterson said he became interested in this topic by seeing how smartphones and the internet rapidly change how society functions.  

“While the government wrangles over how to regulate social media, which has been around for nearly a quarter century now, we have cars and delivery vehicles being driven by GPS and artificial intelligence, a new form of digital currency used to buy everything from tickets to a Dallas Mavericks’ game to illegal guns and drugs, and artificial intelligence providing essays and test answers to students around the globe,” Masterson said. “All of these innovations, and many more, will require governmental oversight at some level. This book examines how various governments respond to some of these issues.”   

"Government Responses to Disruptive Innovations" explores the dynamic relationship between governments and disruptive technologies. It examines how different nations and governmental bodies respond to and shape these transformative forces.  

The book presents a collection of thought-provoking essays and case studies worldwide. Contributions from scholars in various fields highlight the dimensions of disruptive technologies, including their impact on industries, economies, and societies at large. Topics discussed include artificial intelligence, vehicle automation, cryptocurrency, social media, and modern communication technology. 

Masterson is also an associate professor of political science at MSU and serves as the director of the University’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) program. 

Readers can find more information about "Government Responses to Disruptive Innovations: Perspectives and Examinations" on the book’s official website. 

To learn more about the MPA program at MSU, email Masterson at or call 606-783-2658

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