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Art Professor Lisa Mesa-Gaido exhibits at Morlan Gallery 

thumbnail-news-lisa-mesa-gaido.webpMorehead State University Professor of Art Lisa Mesa-Gaido is participating in an upcoming exhibition. The Morlan Gallery at Transylvania University in Lexington invited her to be part of a five-person exhibit titled “Dis/Belief: Skeptical Realities and the Power of Interrogating Assumptions.”  

This exhibit takes place from Sept. 11 through Oct. 6, with an opening reception during Lexington’s Gallery Hop on Friday, Sept. 15.  

“The theme of the exhibition explores the diverse and complicated ways in which we engage with skepticism and belief in the pursuit of knowledge,” said Anthony Meade, director of the Morlan Gallery. “Skepticism, at its core, is a mode of questioning and doubting, a demand for evidence and rigorous inquiry. It is a powerful tool for exposing biases and challenging authority for good or for ill.”  

Mesa-Gaido will display two installations and multiple pieces from her personal “Then and Now Series.” The artwork touches on the unfavorable conditions in her parents’ home country of Cuba, the oppressive history of its government, and the aid offered by everyone from individual U.S. citizens to international organizations to assist the Cuban people during trying times.  

Lisa Mesa-Gaido can be reached at or 606-783-2763

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