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Dr. Christopher Beckham publishes article in Ohio Valley History 

Headshot of Dr. Christopher BeckhamMorehead State University Associate Professor of Education Dr. Christopher Beckham recently published an article in Ohio Valley History. The Filson Historical Society, the University of Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati Museum Center sponsor the refereed academic journal.  

Beckham's article titled "The Thread That Runs So True: Jesse Stuart's Perennially Instructive and Inspiring Book" explored Stuart's time as a teacher in early 20th century Kentucky, noting parallels with some of the challenges, opportunities, and joys that educators in Kentucky continue to experience. It also touched on the founding of teacher colleges in the Commonwealth, including Morehead State University.  

Beckham's education students read "The Thread That Runs So True" in an undergraduate education course, "Foundations of Education." He said students always respond positively to classroom discussions centered on the text.  

"Jesse Stuart is an important historical figure in our region and in Kentucky's literary and educational history," Beckham said. "Stuart's experiences as a teacher and his descriptions of life in rural Kentucky resonate with many of our students. The way he championed the importance of education inspires my teacher-education students. His book contains both great stories and detailed historical information about teaching in Kentucky in the early 20th century."  

The book featuring Beckham's contribution is available at  

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