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Dr. James Masterson publishes new article on environmental policy  

Dr. James R. Masterson, associate professor of political science at Morehead State, published a co-authored article in Asian Survey, a University of California Press publication.  

Masterson co-authored the article with Jingwen Wu, a Ph.D. student at the University of Kentucky. It examines the effectiveness of public policy in incentivizing developing nations to prioritize environmental regulation with a specific focus on China’s most recent environmental policy, the Ecological Environmental Protection Plan.  

The study finds evidence of air quality improvements following the implementation of the policy. It also found more significant enhancements in air quality in the cities most affected by the institutional changes of the policy.  

“This research shows that well-crafted public policy can improve air quality, providing crucial insights for policymakers and scholars alike,” Masterson said. “Policymakers, climate researchers, and public policy students will benefit from the article's contribution to the field of air quality policy in general and China’s attempts to clean up its air in particular.”   

Access to the full article is available for free until October 28.   

Masterson is chair of the Department of History, Philosophy, Politics, Global and Legal Studies, and director of the Master of Public Administration Program at MSU. He can be reached at   

For more information on MSU’s Department of History, Philosophy, Politics, Global and Legal Studies programs, contact or 606-783-2655. 

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