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Dr. Timothy Simpson co-authors classical education essay

Dr. Timothy Simpson headshotMorehead State University Associate Dean and Professor of Education Dr. Timothy L. Simpson recently co-authored an essay with Dr. Jon Fennell, professor emeritus and former dean of social sciences at Hillsdale College, published in "Principia: A Journal of Classical Education."  

Principia is a new, leading journal for classical and liberal education studies supported by Baylor University. Simpson co-authored the essay "An Epistemological Rationale for Classical Education." The paper examines the need to fortify classical education and protect it from the dangers some see as misguided conceptions of assessment and accountability.  

"Our effort is supported by the strikingly insightful defender of liberal arts education, Harry S. Broudy, a preeminent voice in philosophy of education during the mid to late-twentieth century," Simpson said. "The article explores Broudy's call for general or liberal education, highlighting the seminal epistemology of Michael Polanyi, upon which Broudy's call stands."  

Simpson, who is faculty in the Ernst & Sara Lane Volgenau College of Education, also recently conducted a doctoral-directed study on Polanyi's pioneering epistemological framework and its educational implications for curriculum design for K-12 education. He submitted an essay under review to "Tradition and Discovery: The Polanyi Society Journal" based on that study.  

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