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Morehead State students gain valuable experience through local mock interviews 

embedded-news-mock-interview-group-photo.webpMorehead State University prepares students for career success, including successfully completing one of the first steps to employment.  

MSU's Center for Career Development and Experiential Education partnered with the School of Business Administration so students could participate in mock interviews with local business community members. On Monday, Nov. 6, Dr. Christy Trent, instructor of business communication and management, hosted eight employers in her three Business Communications classes to conduct mock interviews with over 100 students. Trent had the students choose a team with an industry focus that matches their career goals, such as construction, real estate, finance, insurance, sports marketing, accounting, small business management, entrepreneurship, hospitality, and sales. 

The 22-student teams researched real-world internship opportunities and prepared resumes and cover letters. Students also had the chance to use the center's free Suit Bank to obtain professional clothing. On the day of the mock interviews, students dressed professionally and came with materials for their mock interview sessions.  

Each employer had a rubric to provide direct feedback to individual students, scoring them on professional appearance, ability to answer questions using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method, and interpersonal skills. This experience refined their communication and interpersonal skills and honed their ability to navigate the complexities of business interactions.  

Belinda Stafford from Eastern Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) noted the students' "maturity at this point in the game, and their ability to communicate in the manner they did with a complete stranger was impressive."   

"This mock interview event offers a practical experience that prepares our students for future internships, graduate school, and job interviews in professional fields," Trent said.  

For more information on the Center for Career Development and Experiential Education, contact 606-783-2233 or  

Photo: Morehead State students in the School of Business Administration participated in mock interviews with local businesses to gain valuable experience. Pictured, left to right, are Instructor of Business Communication and Management Dr. Christy Trent, Terry Craig (GE Aerospace), Oliver Rice (Family Dollar), Mark Hogge (Middough), Jacob Wilson (Fastenal), Jasmyne Lewis (Rowan County Public Library), Kay Moss (Stober), Whitney Cornette (NE Area Health Education Center) and Belinda Stafford (East Kentucky Power Cooperative). 

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