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MSU at Mt. Sterling Director Dr. Chris Miller elected AECT President 

Dr. Christopher MillerDr. Christopher T. Miller (Class of 1994), professor of education and director of MSU at Mt. Sterling, is president-elect of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). 

As president-elect, Miller will serve as the annual convention planner for the 2025 convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The president-elect also serves on the AECT Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Miller will serve as president-elect from October until the 2025 annual convention, where he will begin his term as president of the organization.  

AECT is the premier international organization for professionals designing instruction and enhancing teaching and learning through technology. Since 1923, AECT has been a professional organization for instructional designers, educators, and professionals worldwide. It sponsors several journals, annual research symposiums, and an annual international convention to provide a forum for disseminating research and ideas within the field.  

"AECT is a professional organization that has helped me to grow as an instructional designer, educational technologist, and leader," Miller said. "I am honored to have been elected by the membership to serve as president-elect of AECT. This provides me with a further opportunity to give back to the organization and the field by helping to continually move the organization to the next level."  

Miller has been a faculty member at MSU since 2001 and developed MSU's Master of Arts in Educational Technology. He also co-developed the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), which included an educational technology leadership specialization. Miller recently co-edited an award-winning book on AECT's history titled, "AECT at 100: A Legacy of Leadership."   

"I look forward to representing Morehead State University as the president-elect of AECT. I look forward to serving AECT and continuing the amazing work that has been accomplished by the organization over the past 100 years," Miller said.  

For more information, contact Miller at or 606-783-2078.   

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