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Special topics class on solar eclipse offered

A special physics class discussing the solar eclipse occurring Monday, April 8, is being offered this spring.   

The class, PHYS 199: "The Great North American Eclipse of 2024," is offered online from March 7 to May 10. It is worth one credit hour as an elective.   

The class will discuss why eclipses happen, where to view the eclipse at complete totality, how to safely view an eclipse, and references to eclipses in literature, art, film, and music.   

"The next eclipse with totality so close to Morehead, KY, won't occur until 2145," said Dr. Jennifer Birriel, professor of physics and instructor of the class. "So, if you are interested in seeing a total solar eclipse in your lifetime without having to travel more than a few hours, this is the one to experience."  

For more information about the class, contact Birriel at or call 606-783-2924.  

Learn more about MSU's Department of Engineering Sciences programs by emailing Department Chair Dr. Eric Jerde at or calling 606-783-5406.