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Morehead State among universities to receive NSF/KCV funding for academic research 

Morehead State is recognized for academic excellence and a commitment to faculty and student research. MSU recently received significant funding to further research efforts and opportunities.  

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded more than $8.25 million to Kentucky Commercialization Ventures (KCV), an initiative of the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC), for a program addressing inequities in academic research funding. It will support underrepresented higher education institutions with research infrastructure like Morehead State.  

The project, Granting Emerging and Developing Institutions a Competitive EDGE (Equitable and Diverse Grant Ecosystem), or KCV EDGE, will provide holistic support for research grant administration to partner institutions MSU, Kentucky State University (KSU), and Northern Kentucky University (NKU).  

"MSU is excited to be part of this KCV EDGE award. We look forward to working with KCV, NKU, and KSU to enhance our research infrastructure and help to create more opportunities for MSU faculty and staff in their pursuit of external funds," said MSU Director of Research & Sponsored Programs Dr. Shannon Harr. "We are also thrilled to be able to enhance some of our Office of Research & Sponsored Programs procedures utilizing these funds."  

KCV Executive Director Kayla Meisner said the program emerged because some Kentucky institutions needed equal access to research funding.  

"We designed KCV EDGE to dismantle these barriers to give our regional, rural, minority-serving, and community and technical institutions a competitive advantage when pursuing federal research grants," Meisner said. "Through their success, we can transform research infrastructure in the commonwealth and beyond."  

The KCV EDGE program will support MSU, KSU and NKU for five years to help each institution develop sustainable research infrastructure. Partner institutions will receive support in grant proposal writing, administration and compliance, technology commercialization and leadership development. Additionally, over $5 million of the grant will be given as sub-awards to partner institutions to build institutional capacity, such as staffing, to support an expanded research enterprise.  

The KCV team plans to expand the program into a statewide and later national model to increase access to research funding and technology transfer support.  

KSTC President Terry Samuel said this KCV grant funding naturally expands and supports KSTC's efforts to assist Kentucky higher education institutions that need more dedicated technology transfer resources.  

"This unprecedented, shared services model is already making a difference for innovators throughout the state, and with the addition of KCV EDGE, has the power to make a national impact," Samuel said.  

The KCV EDGE program funding will support MSU's future academic research efforts and significantly benefit not just Kentucky higher education but the state's future economy.  

"This award is a testament to the work of Kentucky Commercialization Ventures and the many higher education researchers, who are already creating opportunities for Kentucky to build upon the economic momentum we're experiencing throughout the state," said Governor Andy Beshear. "We know there are great ideas coming from faculty, staff and students on campuses across Kentucky. By helping all of our postsecondary institutions succeed in pursuing additional research funding, KCV EDGE will strengthen Kentucky's competitiveness as a center for research and innovation while creating high-quality jobs in the region."  

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To learn more about MSU’s Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, contact Harr at or call 606-783-2010

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