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MSU prepares students for success starting with their first year

Morehead State University is committed to academic excellence and student success from the moment students arrive on campus.

Recognizing the critical importance of the first year in a student's academic journey, Morehead State has implemented several innovative programs designed to support, engage, and empower incoming students. These initiatives represent a significant investment in fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where students can thrive from day one.

Once a student is admitted to MSU, communication begins to confirm their enrollment and ensure they have the support they need. Our Student Orientation, Registration & Advising (SOAR) programs occur prior to their first day of classes. At SOAR, students will get their class schedule, financial aid and housing information, and information about meal plans and campus activities.

The start of the fall semester is always an exciting time for everyone on campus. Faculty, staff, and students pull together to help new students during first-year student move-in. It can be challenging for students and families, and MSU strives to make it as low-stress and efficient as possible. Student organizations volunteer to help take students' belongings to their rooms. Faculty and staff volunteers help direct traffic and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Once students settle into their residence halls, New Student Days (NSD) programming begins. It includes information and entertainment, usually a comedian or hypnotist, and sessions that help students with everything from financial planning and time management to living with a roommate.

Student engagement can be a crucial factor in student success, and MSU offers students many ways to engage on campus and in the community through Eagle Fest. University clubs and organizations, local businesses, civic clubs, and community organizations set up on campus with booths and activities. MSU has more than 120 student clubs and organizations, including academic clubs, faith-based organizations, Greek organizations, and athletic/intramural and social clubs.

Academic success is at the core of MSU's mission, and to help first-year students, MSU enrolls all first-year students in a First-Year Seminar (FYS) course. Professional advisors teach FYS courses and help students learn how to manage their time and study. The class also gives them a chance to meet other first-year students. Each class has a student peer tutor who provides insight and guidance. The classes feature a curriculum designed to help students be academically successful and provide support for all aspects of their education.

To complement these efforts, MSU offers a range of co-curricular activities, including leadership learning communities, service-learning opportunities, and cultural enrichment programs. These activities help cultivate a sense of engagement and belonging among first-year students.

The University's commitment to enhancing the first-year experience extends beyond academics to student wellness and mental health support. MSU has invested in additional counseling services and wellness resources to ensure that students have access to the support they need to succeed both academically and personally.