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Summer Arts Academy

The 2021 Summer Arts Academy will be held virtually June 14-15, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The Virtual Academy consists of TWO mornings of activities, including individual and group instruction in your chosen area (music, theatre, art and design and creative writing). The Academy is open to all high school students (incoming freshman through graduating seniors).

The Morehead State University Summer Arts Academy (SAA) exists to nurture students' development in the arts in a setting that allows for interaction with expert faculty and the opportunity to work with other students who share specific interests in music, theatre, art and design and creative writing.

Represented areas

  • Music: Music students will enjoy spending two mornings with faculty in their respective areas.  Group lessons and masterclasses will be given during the designated times each day.  Students will learn specific techniques to take with them which will improve their individual musicianship!
  • Theatre: Students are STARTING A REVOLUTION! As global citizens we each have rights and responsibilities. We need to all be focusing on the world and our place within it. We need to think globally and act globally. We need to be celebrating our diverse and different cultures while encouraging everyone to take ownership of their VOICE to make positive change for the future. The question students will answer: How can drama be used to convey the theatricality of the issue they have chosen? AND am I starting a revolution and my topic revolves around....
  • Art and Design: Art Activism: In this class we will be looking at and creating art for social change.
    Digital art: In this class will be a combination of basic graphic design and photography skills using the adobe creative cloud software.
  • Creative Writing: #WalkMyWorld: We will use a series of writing prompts to explore the world that shapes our personal story with the goal of crafting those words into non-traditional narratives that speak our truth into the world.
The Summer Arts Academy is sponsored by the Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance.