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About Our Division

Russ MastWelcome to Morehead State University, and the Division of Student Affairs. Our professional staff are dedicated to providing quality programs, services and support to the campus community. We strive each day to improve the lives of students while promoting an environment of cultural awareness and an appreciation of a diverse learning community. Students are the core reason that MSU is a growing and nationally recognized institution. We encourage students to get involved in organizations, clubs and activities on campus.  Through these experiences, students develop skills that will enhance their opportunities after graduation as active alumni. It is our goal to promote a community of student learners and leaders. On behalf of the entire Student Affairs Division, please let us know if we can assist you during your time at MSU. GO EAGLES!

Russell F. Mast
Vice President for Student Affairs
Morehead State University

Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs fulfills the mission of the University by creating and maintaining safe environments in which community members live and learn. We recruit students, provide student support services and student engagement outside the academic classroom. We provide activities that promote cultural awareness and support a diverse community. We provide opportunities for student leadership development and practice. These life learning, co-curricular experiences assist students in defining and accomplishing their personal, academic, and career goals. We provide the community with facilities, programs, and logistical services that meet the needs of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. We provide support for maintaining physical and mental health and activities that contribute to individual physical fitness and wellness as well as providing opportunities for cooperative and competitive play and leisure activities. 

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