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Study Tips



  • Identify an appropriate setting that is comfortable and conducive to studying with little distractions.
  • Discipline yourself to allow adequate study sessions during the week and weekends. Don’t procrastinate but make time to review notes, review text, etc. Approach study time as a priority.
  • Proper preparation for class is key. All-night cram sessions rarely pay off. Know when assignments are due and when all exams are scheduled. That way, you can appropriately plan and feel prepared for assignments and exams.
  • Participate in study groups to discuss course material and preparation for exams and other assignments.
  • Take advantage of study resources on campus. These locations include TLC (Tutoring and Learning Center), the Math Lab in Lappin Hall, quiet zones in the Camden-Carroll Library, private locations in ADUC, etc.


  • Did you know that test anxiety is common in college students? As high as 38% of college students indicate they have some level of test anxiety.
  • Good study habits and time management help to avoid test anxiety.
  • Other strategies include getting a good night’s sleep before an exam along with proper nutrition and exercise.
  • When taking an exam, don’t panic. Try relaxation techniques such as slow, deep breathing.
  • Approach taking an exam with confidence. Confidence is easier to maintain if you have properly prepared.
  • Realize that some level of test anxiety is normal. Talk with your peers or others in your support network when you begin to feel overwhelmed.
  • Counseling and Health Services can provide additional information and resources to assist you with test anxiety. For more information or to schedule an appointment at 606-783-2123.

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