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Undergraduate Curriculum


The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UGCC) administers the curriculum process for all undergraduate courses and programs except those associated with the general education program. General Education-related proposals are made through the General Education Council.

Need Assistance?

We encourage faculty to contact the Office of Undergraduate Education & Student Success before developing proposals so that we may offer guidance throughout the process. Contact us at or 606-783-2003 to schedule an individual appointment or request assistance.

Here are some helpful documents that may guide your curriculum-related work:

The Office of Undergraduate Education and Student Success offers individual assistance with the curriculum process. To ensure that you follow the proper path, please contact or call 606-783-2003 to discuss your proposal.


The UGCC meets regularly during each Fall and Spring semester. The curriculum calendar for this semester can be found here: Fall 2023 Curriculum Calendar.

Note: Curriculum proposals must be received by the committee in sufficient time to be heard by the end of the curriculum cycle (i.e., by December of each year). Proposals approved within a particular curriculum cycle will go into effect in the next catalog year (i.e., the next fall semester).


To propose a new curriculum or change the existing curriculum, the forms below should be used. Choose the form that fits the type of change you wish to make. Use the Curriculum Proposal Review Worksheet as a guide to developing your proposals with the appropriate information.

Undergraduate Education & Student Success

Dr. Chris Schroeder, Associate Provost

205 Howell-McDowell Bldg.
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2003