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Core Values & Customer Expectations

The Office of Administration and Fiscal Services and its component units, Accounting and Financial Services, Auxiliary Services, Facilities Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, General Counsel, Internal Audit, Payroll, and Procurement Services, subscribe to certain core values by which the activities of the units will be influenced. Those core values are:


Administration and Fiscal Services units will conduct their activities in a manner that will emphasize honesty, credibility and high ethical and moral standards.

Excellence in Customer Service

Services will be delivered in a manner that will best meet the needs of the students, faculty and staff of the University.

Environment for Success

Administration and Fiscal Services units will provide a working and service environment that will facilitate professional development for staff, the ability of customers to fulfill their support needs, and the opportunity for personnel to both understand the mission of the University and contribute to achieving its goals.


Staff will conduct themselves in a sincere and caring manner that will promote cooperation with other University units, encourage a team effort within each office, and recognize the diversity of the faculty, staff and students in our campus community.

In keeping with those core values, customers of the Administration and Fiscal Services units can expect that:

  • They will be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Services will be rendered in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Solutions will be offered to problems in a no-referral environment.
  • Staff will be knowledgeable and well trained with respect to the services they are expected to offer.
  • Services will be rendered in places and at such times that are based on best serving the needs of the campus community rather than the convenience of the staff.

Contact Information

Office of Administration & Fiscal Services

305 Howell-McDowell Building

Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2053
FAX: 606-783-9153