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Branding & Style

SOAR Higher.

These two words are more than Morehead State’s brand tagline.

They convey an invitation and a promise for students not just to soar but soar higher.

We invite students to find their purpose and achieve it through our quality academic programs and personalized support. That is our purpose as a school, and it’s our promise to everyone considering Morehead State.

Our brand campaign focuses on MSU’s commitment to the campus community that values inclusion and safety so students can develop personally and academically.


Brand Messaging

We’ve developed a strong brand message to make our purpose and achievements better known. Our message needs to reach students and their families. It needs to remind our employees, alumni and friends about the profound effect Morehead State has on the lives of those in our region and beyond. 

Our brand is more than a logo or a tagline. The MSU brand is how we work daily to tell our story. When we communicate the MSU story and our visual identity is consistent, we increase the awareness of our institution and attract more students who will succeed at Morehead State.

SOAR Higher reinforces our commitment to student success by reminding students that Morehead State will challenge and support them as they pursue their own paths to success.


Morehead State's official colors are Pantone 286 Blue and Pantone 116 Gold. Other colors are permitted as accents.



MSU Blue

Pantone 286


MSU Gold

Pantone 116


Accent Blue

Pantone 300


Dark Blue

Pantone 288














Morehead State's official fonts are Univers Condensed and Garet.

Licensing & Logo Usage

Logos, trademarks and registered images representing Morehead State University can only be imprinted with approval and by a licensed vendor. CLC (Learfield | IMG College) manages MSU marks and licensure.

LEARN MORE about logo usage

Official MSU Logos

These logos are consistent with MSU's branding guidelines. Logos that are not consistent with MSU branding guidelines should not be used. For additional information about using the MSU logo or other registered marks, review the style guide above. Logos displayed here are for reference only. To request a high-quality logo, please use the online form.

Do not stretch, change, recolor or manipulate logos or wordmarks. Do not place on camo, red, or maroon.


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