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About Your EagleCard

The EagleCard ID is your official MSU photo identification card. Your seven-digit MSU ID number is printed inside a shaded box on the front of the card. You will need your EagleCard when visiting the University's Camden-Carroll Library, cashiers window, Student Health Services, the Recreation and Wellness Center, the University Store, Laughlin Health Building and at any University sponsored function such as athletic events, concerts and theatre productions.

The EagleCard has both a contactless flyBUY chip embedded into the ID and a magnetic strip on the back of the card. Both are used for functions on and off-campus. Most locations are flyBUY only, but some locations can accept both such as Dining Services and the University Store. Some locations are specific to flyBUY, such as residence hall door access, snack vending, and pay-for-print. Other locations utilize the magnetic strip only: Camden Carroll Library, U.S. Bank, Pepsi Vending and the off-campus BeakerBUCKs Program.


To keep MSU a secure campus, the main entrance doors on all residence halls feature card access utilizing the contactless flyBUY. All students access their assigned residence hall using their EagleCard. This function is programmed and managed by the Office of Student Housing. All replacement cards must be activated by the Office of Student Housing after they are printed. For more information please contact Housing at 606-783-2060.

Be sure to always carry your EagleCard wherever you go on campus. Never loan your EagleCard to anyone else. It is non-transferable and only you may use your card. If you knowingly let someone else use it, the card can be confiscated and both individuals are subject to disciplinary action.


Your EagleCard can be used at all dining locations on campus, including P.O.D. in Alumni Tower, Starbucks and The Rock. Funds for the University’s food service plans are online and are accessed by flyBUY. Dining Services at Morehead State University offers many options to suit the many needs of all University students. Requirements for both the meal plans and dining club accounts are dependent on student status, on-campus housing, age and marital status. BeakerBUCKs are also accepted at dining services locations. Flex Dollars come with your meal plan and can ONLY be used in all on-campus dining locations (6% discount). Flex Dollars are a supplement to your Meal Plan. Flex Dollars that come with your meal plan carry over from the fall to the spring semester as long as you purchase another meal plan for the spring (the remaining balance will be added within the first two weeks of February).


Your EagleCard has value so it is important to take care of it properly. Below is a list of suggestions to help prevent damage and keep it safe.


  • Bend, mark, or punch holes anywhere on your card.
  • Scratch the stripe on the card.
  • Store your EagleCard near magnets or magnetized surfaces.
  • Tamper with the contactless chip.
  • Leave your card on your food service tray, table, computer terminal or washer/dryer.
  • Store your pin number with your EagleCard.
  • Let anyone else use your card for any reason.
  • Do not keep your EagleCard with your phone while charging on a wireless charger.

*Wireless charging uses magnetic induction to charge your mobile phone. You should not place anything between your phone and the charger. If you carry your EagleCard in a card wallet or sleeve attached to your mobile phone, remove it before charging your phone. Putting your EagleCard into contact with a wireless phone charger will result in damage to the contactless chip or the magnetic stripe.

The EagleCard Office recommends that the EagleCard and phone should not be near each other even when charging using traditional charging cables. A raised mark on the card where the internal chip is located signals the card is damaged.


  • Treat your EagleCard as you would your debit card or driver’s license.
  • Know where your EagleCard is at all times.
  • Keep your EagleCard on a lanyard or keychain card holder.
  • Notify the EagleCard office as soon as possible if you misplace your ID.

Remember, there is a fee for replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards.

If you find an EagleCard ID, Please turn it in to the EagleCard office (127 ADUC) as soon as possible.

All students, faculty and staff are required to have an EagleCard ID. Your first EagleCard is absolutely free! Current students, faculty and staff must visit the EagleCard Office to have a photo taken. Be sure to bring a current photo identification such as a driver's license or passport for your EagleCard to be processed. Your EagleCard will be ready in minutes. If you are a new student participating in SOAR, you will be notified when and where to pick up your EagleCard.

The EagleCard Office is located at 127 ADUC Hall and is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

No. Your first card is free.

Lost/stolen card replacement is $20. Replacement of a damaged card (with damaged card presented at time of purchase) is $10. These prices are for students, faculty and staff.

Notify the EagleCard Office ASAP so that a hold can be placed on your meal/dining account. You may also put a hold on your account online. Contact U.S.Bank if your ID has been linked as an ATM card to your Eagle Checking Account.

Contact Information

EagleCard Office

127 Adron Doran University Center (ADUC)

Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2701
PHONE: 606-783-5254
FAX: 606-783-5019

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