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Accreditation Resources

Staff members work with academic leadership to promptly coordinate the review and approval of program accreditation reports. They also prepare annual budgets to ensure funding for site visits. These resources can help you in the self-study process.

The review process begins a minimum of 6 weeks before submission. Attach the routing form to the hard copy of the self-study and follow the form instructions. This process is also used before any submission of rejoinders. If the self-study requires a fee, this estimate should be submitted on the Program Accreditation Expense & Reimbursement Form by January 31 of the academic year before submission. An estimate of site visit expenses must be submitted by February 10 of the academic year before the visit. After the site visit, a final copy of all stipulation responses and accreditation letters should be submitted to the Director of University Assessment. All accreditation correspondence should include a routing form cover sheet.

Please contact our office for help.

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