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Distinguished Teacher Award


The annual Distinguished Teacher Award honors a tenured faculty member at Morehead State University.

Morehead State University faculty members meeting all four criteria:

  1. Primary responsibility is teaching
  2. Teach face-to-face, online and/or hybrid classes
  3. Earned tenure
  4. Not a previous award recipient.

MSU students, MSU alumni and MSU colleagues - ANYONE with a professional connection to the nominee.

  1. Complete a brief nomination form including the following:
    • Name and contact information for the nominee and nominator,
    • Brief description of the nominator's relationship to the nominee, and
    • Brief teaching narrative outlining the nominee's qualifications for the award.
  2. Next, submit the completed nomination form to the Office of the Provost by the deadline.

All nominees receive a letter congratulating them on their nomination. Eligible nominees are invited to compile and submit a teaching portfolio by mid-March.

The Excellence in Teaching Committee reviews the portfolios and observes these nominees' classes in the spring. The committee recommends an award recipient to the provost in May. The provost formally announces the recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award at Fall Convocation.

Faculty Senate appoints one faculty member per college and one librarian to this standing committee. The current Distinguished Teacher also participates in selecting the next award recipient. The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning director is the committee chair by position.

  • Dr. David Eisenhour, Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Brian S. Mason, Professor of Music
  • Dr. Stacy Baker, Professor of Music
  • Dr. Ric Caric, Professor in International & Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Dr. Geoffrey Gearner, Professor of Biology
  • Dr. William Green, Professor of Government
  • Dr. Sylvia Henneberg, Professor of English
  • Dr. Lloyd Jaisingh, Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. Layne Neeper, Professor of English
  • Dr. Philip Prater, Professor of Veterinary Technology
  • Dr. Brian Reeder, Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Allen Risk, Professor of Biology
  • Dr. Karen Taylor, Associate Professor of French
  • Dr. Greg Wing, Professor of Music
  • Dr. Itza Zavala-Garrett, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Dr. Greg Detweiler, Professor of Music
  • Dr. Nilesh Joshi, Professor of Engineering and Technology Management

Call the Office of the Provost at 606-783-2002 or contact the Excellence in Teaching Committee.

Contact Academic Affairs

Dr. Rajeev Parikh, Provost & Vice President

205 Howell-McDowell Admin. Bldg.
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2002