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General Education

Morehead State University's General Education Program is a set of curricular requirements taken by all students at Morehead State University. It prepares students to participate intelligently and responsibly in the world by emphasizing the development of ten critical skills.

Through the program, students will: 

  1. Read college-level texts for comprehension.
  2. Write effectively for a targeted college-level audience using the conventions of standard American English.
  3. Speak effectively in a variety of contexts.
  4. Effectively apply quantitative reasoning in a variety of different contexts.
  5. Employ current research technologies in the process of locating, analyzing, evaluating, and using information.
  6. Effectively identify how important concepts, events, or people have significantly impacted forms of creative expression.
  7. Effectively examine aspects of human cultures, past or present, from a variety of perspectives.
  8. Effectively study the natural world through the use of scientific principles.
  9. Effectively examine the complex ethical/social responsibilities of American citizenship.
  10. Utilize critical thinking skills to address human problems.
  11. Students are assessed by program faculty to determine the extent to which they have achieved each of these desired outcomes through their coursework.


The general education program fosters the outcomes above through three areas of coursework:  Foundations, Level 2, and Level 3. All degree-seeking students must complete at least 15 hours of coursework in the Foundations area, reinforcing fundamental skills needed for college success, including critical thinking, reading, writing, reasoning, and preparedness for success. Level 2 courses introduce students to major areas of study through a broad survey of critical knowledge, and Level 3 courses help students develop an appreciation for global diversity and understand the importance of civil and just society.

When completing general education requirements at each degree level, students may choose from various course options to complement their majors and personal areas of interest.

Associate Degree Programs

In addition to required Foundations courses, students seeking associate degrees must complete 3 hours of course credit in social and behavioral sciences at Level 2 and 3 hours of course credit in arts and humanities (non-literature) at Level 3. 

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Bachelor's Degree Programs

In addition to required Foundations courses, students seeking baccalaureate degrees must complete 3 hours of course credit in both social and behavioral sciences and arts and humanities and 6 hours of natural science at Level 2, and 3 hours of course credit in social and behavioral science and 3 hours in arts and humanities (non-literature) at Level 3.

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To view course descriptions for the courses listed below, refer to the Academic Catalog.

If you have questions about the General Education Program at Morehead State University, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Education & Student Success at

Faculty Resources

View Student Learning Outcomes and tools for General Education courses.

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