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Academic Honors Program

The George M. Luckey, Jr. Academic Honors Program is an enriched, challenging scholastic program. Incoming students are selected for the honors program and awarded the honors scholarship through a rigorous application process. To maintain membership in the program, and eligibility for the honors scholarship, students are required to make satisfactory progress through the program. Download the 2020-21 Honors Handbook.

The completed application packet with essay, recent photograph, and sample work should be submitted to as email attachments. The letter of recommendation must be submitted by the recommender to the same email address. Further details may be found in the application packet.


The mission of the Academic Honors Program at Morehead State University is to provide exceptional students with opportunities to accelerate and broaden their personal development so that they will be prepared to achieve success and make valuable contributions as citizens in the world of the twenty-first century.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the George M. Luckey, Jr. Academic Honors Program at Morehead State University is to challenge the truly outstanding student to pursue educational goals more lofty and meaningful than mere good grades. Students in the program will take specially-designed options for some of their general education requirements, will participate in service, undergraduate research, and international experiences and will have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in the program in a substantial exit essay.


Dr. Philip Krummrich - Director
Dr. Karen Taylor - Assistant Director
Skyler Cantrell - Program Specialist

Important information for international applicants for the Honors Scholarship:

Effective for the application cycle beginning in the fall semester of 2020, international students who earn the Honors Scholarship will receive only a partial tuition scholarship. Currently, normal tuition and fees for international students amount to $23,000 USD per year. International students who are awarded the Honors Scholarship will pay tuition at the out-of-state level, approximately $13,556 USD per year. International students who are awarded the Honors Scholarship will receive all the other benefits of the scholarship.


Gabe O'HaraStudent Spotlight - Gabe

Gabe O’Hara is a Biomedical Sciences major pursuing a career as a physician. He has served for two years as President of the Academic Honors Student Association, and prior to that he was the Chairman of the Overseas and Academic Research committee. Gabe is also involved in the Tri-beta biology club, Kentucky Rural Health Association, the Pre-med Club, and a regular oncology volunteer at St. Claire hospital. Gabe has also traveled to Uganda Africa to shadow and volunteer in a medical center in a rural, underserved region. He applied for and was accepted to participate in a regenerative medicine summer school at the University of Pittsburgh. In his free time he enjoys hiking, running, camping, hunting, and hanging out with my friends and family. Gabe says that he extremely thankful for his time as a member of the George M. Luckey Jr. Honors Program at MSU and for all the experiences he has had and the people he has met throughout his journey here. 

Victoria NashStudent Spotlight - Victoria

Victoria Nash is a senior English and History double major. She regularly contributes to the Honors Program Newsletter The Unorthodox. Victoria is currently engaged in two undergraduate research projects that focus on syntactic ambiguity and the development of study-abroad course content, respectively. At present, Victoria is the co-editor for Morehead’s 2021 Inscape Literary and Visual Arts Journal. She enjoys reading, hiking, and drinking coffee in her free time. After graduation, Victoria plans to hike the John Muir Trail, obtain her MAT, and become a high school English and history teacher.

Amber SchifanoStudent Spotlight - Amber

Amber Schifano is a Biomedical Science Pre-Medicine major, pursuing a career as a physician. She represented the College of Science at the 2021 Celebration of Student Scholarship by presenting entomology research on biodiversity within ant populations throughout three forested sites in Rowan County with Dr. Sean O’Keefe. Amber has also served as the Secretary of Alumni Relations of the Academic Honors Student Association in both her sophomore and junior years of education. She was also selected as one of the fifteen students to participate in the STEPS program through NEAHEC and currently serves as the Tri-Beta National Honor Society President at Morehead State University. When she is not engaged in academic work, Amber can be found on the rifle range. Amber is a member of the Morehead State University Division I Rifle team and competes in Olympic style rifle competitions. She is also a member of the Ohio Valley Conference Student Athletic Advisory Committee and a representative on this committee for the MSU rifle team. She received an Ohio Valley Conference Academic Medal of Honor for excellence in both athletics and academics for the 2018-2019 school year and has been named to the Collegiate Rifle Coaches Association Scholastic All American team in the academic years of 2019-2021. 

Jeremy CopleyStudent Spotlight - Jeremy

Jeremy Isaac Copley has a double major in History and Legal Studies and a minor in Philosophy. He has been the editor of the Honors Newsletter for 4 semesters and really loves working with the team and providing a forum for engagement and entertainment within the Honors Program. He plans to earn a PhD in History so he can focus on research, writing, and teaching. In the meantime, Jeremy is focusing his efforts on learning more Appalachian history, the way that our economy has impacted culture, and how society has developed around the coal boom. He also hopes to spend a year or two in South America teaching English and researching the economic history of company towns there, in addition to working with various departments at the university in performing an oral history of the pandemic in Eastern Kentucky this summer and fall. He also enjoys walking his dog Milo in the hills around Morehead.