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Craft Academy Academic Facilities

As a student in the Craft Academy, you'll have the opportunity to learn in MSU's world-class academic facilities.


Your high school has: A computer lab or a fairly standard chemistry lab. The Craft Academy has: Not only is there a computer lab in your residence hall with Mac computers provided by Dataseam, you’ll get to take advantage of our MakerSpace.

Combine your innovation and know-how to either utilize the space for your STEM projects or experiment at various stations working with circuit boards, e-textiles, computer programming and 3-D printing.


MSU's Space Science Center, which houses one of only five undergraduate space science programs in the country, features facilities that have allowed MSU students and faculty to develop, build, test and launch small satellites and other spacecraft systems.

As a Craft Academy student, you will get the chance to contribute to work that could potentially end up in the far reaches of space.

You’ll also be able to take classes in our Department of Engineering and Technology Management, which offers manufacturing and robotics laboratories.


The Craft Academy MakerSpace is designed to allow student creativity come to life with cutting-edge equipment used to provide rapid prototype solutions to today’s problems. Equipment and supplies that may be present in the MakerSpace will include electronic work stations, soldering stations, micro controllers, 3-D printers, a sewing machine, table top CNC machine, table top drill press, laser printer and more.

The MakerSpace is located on the basement floor of Grote-Thompson Hall and is available for your use during regularly scheduled MakerSpace open hours.


Your high school library likely has plenty of reading materials. As a Craft Academy student, you'll have full access to the Camden-Carroll Library (CCL) at MSU. CCL has five floors of books, magazines, periodicals and other materials.

You’ll also have access to other tools for both learning and entertainment (CDs, DVDs, software, teaching aids, etc.), as well as access to online research tools, Learning Technology Lab, Tutoring and Learning Center, Instructional Technology Center, and the Research and Help Desk.

The library has an in-house coffee shop, and special areas for group study and presentations. Plus, with full Wi-Fi capability, it offers a great place to study.

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