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Craft Academic Application Letter of Recommendation

Students applying to the Craft Academy will be selected based on their high academic achievements as supported by GPA and ACT scores. Letters of recommendation provide additional information with regard to other skills and dispositions that would make this applicant viable for acceptance into this prestigious academy.


Students are required to submit three letters of recommendation: one written by a current or former STEM teacher, one written by a community member, and one written by a person of the student's choosing. (Examples include, but are not limited to, a guidance counselor, school administrator, community leader, etc.)

When writing your letter of recommendation:

  • Describe your interactions with our applicant.
  • Explain your view on the fit of our applicant into our STEM program.
  • Elaborate on areas such as the applicant's maturity, academic perseverance, and personal accomplishments.
  • Assess the character demonstrated by the applicant.
  • Describe the applicant's commitment to service within their community.
  • Highlight any additional talents, honors, or awards that the applicant possesses
  • Explain your personal recommendation of the applicant for the Craft Academy (Recommended, Not
  • Recommended, Unsure – please elaborate on your response)


Letters of recommendation can be submitted a few different ways:

  • You may submit your three letters of recommendation as part of your supplemental materials packet.
  • You or the author may mail their letter to the address above.
  • The author of the letter may send their letter of recommendation as an attachment to

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