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Professional Partnership Network

The Professional Partnership Network (PPN) is designed to give future educators extended field experiences prior to entering their own classrooms. Candidates will partner with a mentor teacher each semester at a participating school. The program allows candidates to spend significantly more time in the same classroom each semester, learning professional skills through immersion in authentic classroom settings.

The P-5/Learning and Behavioral Disorders PPN program is a three-semester experience that begins in the fall of the applicant's junior year. Candidates will submit their applications to the PPN during the spring semester of their sophomore year. If accepted into the program, candidates will register for PPN block classes each semester. The PPN classes are integrated into blocks to provide candidates the most effective transition between university coursework and practical application of theory in the school setting.

During the final fall semester, candidates return to the Morehead State University campus early. Working alongside their mentor teacher, mentors establish a supportive and positive learning environment for their students. Candidates may choose to spend one of their eight-week clinical practice sessions with their fall mentor teacher.

Year 3 Semester 1

  • EDEL 302 Integrating Technology into the Classroom
  • EDEM 330 Foundations of Reading
  • EDSP 367 Educational Assessment

Year 3 Semester 2

  • SCI 490 Science for the Elementary Teacher
  • EDUC 482 Classroom Management and Assessment
  • EDEE 321 Teaching Math in Early Elementary Grades

Year 4 Semester 3

  • EDEE 322 Teaching Social Studies in the Early Elementary Grades
  • EDEE 323 Language Arts for Early Elementary
  • EDEE 331 Reading for Early Elementary Teachers
  • EDSP 365 Including Diverse Students

For more information regarding the Professional Partnership Network or for retrieving or submitting an application to the program, contact Kim Nettleton at or 606-783-5483.

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