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The Linguistics Laboratory in the English department enables faculty and students to carry out original psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic, prosodic, and phonetic research. It is equipped with computers, software and a sound-attenuated recording booth. The lab is located in 219 Bert Combs Building.

 The Linguistics lab has several purposes. It is a computer laboratory for students in linguistics classes. Students use the lab to record and analyze the vowel sounds of their own dialect as well as those of other English speakers. Students also use the experiment-running software to carry out pilot projects in sentence processing. The lab also provides a workspace for students hired to assist faculty in their research. 

Finally, the lab provides research facilities for faculty. The sound-attenuated booth allows high-quality speech recordings to be made for use in experiments on this campus as well as at other universities. It also provides a quiet space in which students can participate in linguistic experiments while other areas of the lab are in use. One laboratory computer is equipped with E-Prime, a program which allows a variety of psycholinguistic experiments to be carried out and analyzed. All of the computers are equipped with Praat, a program for the acoustic analysis of speech sounds.

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