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Neuroscience Outreach

Since 2002, our Neuroscience Outreach Program has focused on science education, emphasizing brain health and drug abuse.

Brain Drawing Contest (K-12)

Brain Drawing Contest started in 2005 to promote brain health. Students (K-12), family, educators, administrators in the community have participated in this program. In recent years, we have received 800-1000 drawing entries that were judged by two groups of judges—one group consisted of seven faculty judges from six different disciplines and one community representative; another group consisted of eight to 12 student volunteers from different disciplines. The award ceremony is held in March to honor the awardees and to celebrate Brain Awareness Week.

School Visits (5-12)

School visits started in 2002 and include presentations and lectures at high schools. We have expanded this program to elementary and middle schools in more than ten counties in Eastern Kentucky. Undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members who have been involved in drug addiction research have actively participated in this program.

If you would like to arrange a visit for your school, please contact Dr. Wesley White.


Visits to the Neuroscience Laboratory (4-12)

We study brain function and drug effects utilizing animal and human subjects. Visitors learn about brain research by engaging in hands-on experiences relevant to a range of methods used in brain research. The Neuroscience Lab is well equipped and has been supported by federal grants. If you are interested in visiting the Neuroscience Lab, please contact Dr. Wesley White at


Kentucky Brain Bee (9-12)

The annual Kentucky Brain Bee is hosted by Morehead State University. The Brain Bee is a competition that tests knowledge of neuroscience. This year, KY Brain Bee competition will be held Saturday, March 6, 2021. Please contact Dr. Wesley White at for further information and the registration form for the KY Brain Bee competition.

The winner receives an automatic invitation to the National Brain Bee.

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