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Criminology and Criminal Justice


Gain expertise in the nature of crime and criminology.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)






4 Years

Curriculum Map

What You’ll Learn in the criminology and criminal justice Program

Explore topics ranging from problem-solving in courts, drug and mental health treatment and ways to prevent crime.  

What You Can Do with a criminology and criminal justice degree

Work in courts, treatment centers, corrections, law enforcement or jobs on the national level like homeland security and federal criminal justice administration. 

What makes Morehead State's program unique

Students can also complete a minor in criminology or a minor in chemical dependency counseling, which can complement a variety of majors. 

Admission to the criminology and criminal justice program

Follow the standard undergraduate application process to become a criminology and criminal justice major at Morehead State.

Please see our undergraduate catalog for a full list of requirements to maintain admission to this program.

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Department of Sociology, Social Work & Criminology

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