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Campus Life

Learn about resources for students living on campus for GSP.


Morehead State University's Police Department is accredited by the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police and recently earned the highest safety rating in the state of Kentucky. Parents, students and staff are encouraged to sign up for MSU's Eagle Alerts. Eagle Alerts notify the campus community of safety, weather and other emergencies by text message and email.

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While on campus, scholars will have the opportunity to use a variety of facilities provided by Morehead State, such as the Adron Doran University Center, The Rock, Caudill Health Clinic, Camden-Carroll Library, and MSU's Recreation and Wellness Center.


Minor injuries and illnesses will be treated at the Caudill Health Clinic on campus. Clinic visits are treated as regular doctor's office visits in regard to insurance, copayments, and fees. If a scholar does not have insurance, a $20 fee per visit will be charged. Arrangements have been made for scholars who need allergy shots to get them at the health clinic. Scholars must bring their own medications and doctors' instructions. Scholars may want to bring some basic medicines with them in order to treat very minor illnesses. As appropriate, scholars will be treated for injuries and illnesses at St. Claire HealthCare, located near the MSU campus.


All meals will be provided in the University dining facility. We will work with scholars and families who have specific dietary needs.


Pool, fitness center, weight room, tennis, basketball, softball, track, and other facilities will be available during the five-week program. The campus Recreation & Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art $24 million facility that was 100% student-funded. It merges the aquatics, fitness and wellness, and intramural departments. The 100,000-square-foot building houses 3 basketball courts, a competition-size pool with zip-line and vortex, a fitness area complete with various types of workout equipment, a walking track, racquetball courts, and locker rooms. A large lawn area also provides space for all types of outdoor activities.


GSP merchandise will be available for pre-order and purchase at Merchandise sales will also be available on campus during Opening and Closing Days as well as throughout the summer.


To keep up with what your scholar is doing, visit our Google photos album. You can also encourage your scholar to submit their own photos by bringing their camera to our office located on the first floor of Mignon Hall. The GSP photo page will be updated with pictures as they are received.


Opportunities for scholars to continue their faith traditions are found adjacent to or within walking distance of the campus. Virtual options are also offered to scholars while on campus.


Scholars may cash checks at the cashier's office (Howell-McDowell Administration Building) for up to $50 per individual per day. No two-party checks will be cashed. There are also two ATMs on campus near the University Center.


The only provision for visitation for family is on Family Day. No visitors are allowed without the permission of the campus director.


When receiving mail, there is a specific process that occurs before letters/packages may be picked up by scholars. Letters must first arrive at the MSU Post Office, where they will then be picked up by GSP staff. Then, the GSP staff must sort and distribute the letters to each scholar's designated mailbox. For packages, a similar process occurs. The package arrives at the MSU Post Office, is picked up by GSP Staff, and is sorted and documented. GSP Staff will place a package slip in the scholar's mailbox, alerting them that a package arrived, and they need to bring their package slip to come sign for the package and pick it up. Please allow 72 hours from the time a piece of mail is delivered to MSU for letters/package slips to be placed in scholars' mailboxes. It is the scholars' own responsibility to check their mailboxes.

Letters or packages to individual scholars may be addressed as follows:

150 University Blvd. Morehead State University
c/o Governor's Scholars Program
Morehead, KY 40351

Letters or packages to faculty/staff may be addressed as follows:

150 University Blvd. Morehead State University
c/o Governor's Scholars Program
Morehead, KY 40351

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