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Career Decision Making

Major in YOU...

…but who are you? One of our primary goals at Career Services is to help you make informed decisions about yourself and your future. Our trained career counselors can help you interpret your work personality and interest inventory results to assist you in choosing a major that makes sense for you, and guide you onto an appropriate and fulfilling career path.

Start the Career Decision Making Process

Follow the steps below to complete the inventories and submit your results. There are no right or wrong answers! Please allow up to an hour. Once you submit the form in Step 4, Career Services will work with you to schedule an appointment to discuss your results.

1. Career Decision Making Questionnaire

Complete the Career Decision Making Questionnaire.

2. Personality Type​

Complete the Jung Typology Personality Test. Answer all the questions, click "Score It," and record your results using the form below.

3. Interest Profiler

Complete the questionnaire at, answer all questions and record your results in the fields below.

4. Record your Results

( ) -
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Major In You.