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Research Laboratories

As a student in Morehead State's Department of Psychology, you'll have opportunities to actively participate in research projects through our Undergraduate Research Fellowship program, through research grants awarded to faculty and through special courses. The laboratories listed below identify the areas of research being pursued by faculty:

  • ACT Laboratory - Lab Director:  Dr. J. T. Blackledge - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) & other mindfulness-based therapies.  Laboratory-based studies of the effects of specific psychotherapy techniques and processes, human language and cognition.
  • Animal Neuroscience Lab - Lab Directors:  Dr. Ilsun White & Dr. Wesley White - Main research is concerned with drug effects on behavior, learned and unlearned.  Determining if brain activity and brain chemicals are correlated with behavior.
  • Family Development Lab - Lab Director:  Dr. Shari Kidwell - The overall research for this lab is directed at understanding the central importance of parents in the well-being of their children.
  • Human Cognition Lab - Lab Director:  Dr. Gilbert Remillard - The research being conducted in this laboratory is focused primarily on trying to understand the mechanisms of implicit (i.e., unconscious) learning.
  • Human Factors Lab - Lab Director: Dr. Gregory M. Corso: Research in this laboratory involves uncovering the limitations and capabilities of people and applying those findings to the items people use - from very simple items to very complex items. Lab Website.
  • Human Neuroscience Lab - Lab Director:  Dr. Ilsun White - Behavioral testing--drug effects on behavior.
  • Lifespan Development Lab -  Lab Director: Dr. Lynn Haller - The lab explores many questions for a variety of age groups. Two projects of interest currently focus on figurative language communication and parental teaching strategies.
  • Study of Intimacy, Connection, and Loneliness (SOCIAL) Laboratory - Lab Director: Dr. Daniel Maitland – The research in this laboratory focuses on understanding the role of human connection in the development, maintenance, and treatment of issues related to mental and physical health.
  • Substance Use Prevalence and Experiences in Relationships (SUPER) Lab -- Lab Director: Dr. Elizabeth Neilson -- The mission of the SUPER lab is to investigate gender-based violence, substance use, and reproductive health. Ongoing projects include the use of laboratory-based studies to examine the cognitive and emotional processes underlying alcohol-involved sexual assault.