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Eagle alum Amelia Howell promoted to DOC program administrator 

embedded-news-amelia-howell.webpKentucky's Department of Corrections (DOC) announced the promotion of Morehead State University legal studies graduate Amelia Howell (Class of 2010) to justice program administrator in the division's Policy and Accreditation Branch. Howell will be responsible for the development, revision and procedural review of all the department's policies and procedures.  

A native of West Liberty, Howell will also facilitate the procedural process through the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet's Office of Legal Services and the Legislative Research Commission. Her office is at the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex (EKCC) in West Liberty.  

"Amelia Howell will be a huge gain to the Policy and Accreditation Branch of the Compliance Division," said John Dunn, DOC compliance division director. "Her enthusiasm and passion for accreditation and policies is unmatched in the department, and her expertise and experience will be a valuable asset to the branch and its mission."   

Howell earned a Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies with a minor in criminology in 2010. She was a paralegal for Virginia L. Lawson & Associates in Lexington and Fox Law Office in Olive Hill before she began working for the Kentucky DOC in 2011. Howell started as an office support assistant in human resources at EKCC and worked as an administrative specialist. 

In March 2018, Howell took on the role of procedures development specialist II, serving as the institution's accreditation manager, inmate grievance coordinator, policy coordinator, facility tour coordinator and staff litigation coordinator. During her tenure in the Procedures Office, Howell has served on several policy revision committees and internal audit teams across the state.  

Howell received the March 2015 Employee of the Month award and the 2017 DOC Achievement Award for EKCC. In 2018, she graduated from EKCC's leadership program. She is also a professional graphic designer, with creations that include the 2022 DOC Commissioner's Challenge Coin, EKCC's 30th Anniversary Challenge Coin, and numerous shirt and flyer designs for the Kentucky Council on Crime and Delinquency. Howell is a current DOC Commissioner's Executive Leadership Program participant.  

To learn more about MSU's legal studies program, contact the Department of History, Philosophy, Politics, Global & Legal Studies at or call 606-783-2655

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