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Legal Studies, B.A.


Gain the tools and experience to succeed in a legal profession.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)






4 Years

Course Requirements

What You’ll Learn in the legal studies Program

Gain classroom knowledge and courtroom experience through a rigorous curriculum that prepares you for an immediate legal career after college or completing law school. 

What You Can Do with a legal studies degree

Work as a paralegal or legal assistant with your bachelor’s degree or be thoroughly prepared to complete law school and become a licensed attorney. 

What makes our program unique

While MSU does not offer a pre-law program, the legal studies program has instructors who are attorney-professors and offers pre-law advisors for all MSU students interested in pursuing law school, regardless of major. 

ABA Accredited and Nationally Ranked

The legal studies program is ranked 10th most affordable Legal Studies program in the nation by Great Value Colleges, and one of the few listed that is approved and accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). The ABA only approves programs that meet strict standards for quality and have demonstrated success in producing well-qualified graduates. 


program options

Admission to the legal studies program

Follow the standard undergraduate application process to become a legal studies student at Morehead State.


Opportunities outside the classroom

You will gain hands-on experience staffing divorce clinics. Under the supervision of an attorney-professor, you have opportunities to interview clients, communicate with the courts, assist clients with paperwork and help clients with the process of getting divorced. 

Engage in undergraduate legal research with attorney-professors. Conduct research on topics like predatory lending, access to justice, constitutional law, child abuse and neglect, and more.   


Department of History, Philosophy, Politics, Global & Legal Studies

354 Rader Hall
Morehead, KY 40351

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