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Public History (Area), B.A.


Gain expertise in presenting history to your community


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)






4 Years

Course Requirements

What You'll Learn in the Public History Program

Gain in-depth historical knowledge and critical thinking while exploring how to properly and effectively preserve and present history to the public. 

What You Can Do with a Public History degree

Pursue various enriching careers working in museums, historic site preservation and the public and private sectors.

What makes Morehead state's program different

The public history area of concentration is the first undergraduate program of its kind offered in Kentucky. This non-teaching degree lets you choose from various courses based on your career goals. You will complete an internship and develop a unique skill set, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace after graduation. You will also be equipped with the historical knowledge, skills and experience needed to pursue post-graduate study in public history. 

Admission to the public History program

Follow the standard undergraduate application process to become a public history student at Morehead State.


Department of History, Philosophy, Politics, Global & Legal Studies

354 Rader Hall
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2655
FAX: 606-783-5096