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Residence Halls (Traditional and Suites)

The following rates will be in effect for the 2021-2022 academic year:
Building   Per Semester
Alumni Tower (Break Housing) $2,750
Andrews Hall 2-Person Suite $2,950
Andrews Hall 4-person Suite $3,150
Cartmell Hall (single occupancy, floors 14-16) $2,800
Cartmell Hall (double occupancy, floors 1-13) $2,400
East Mignon Hall $2,650
Fields Hall (double occupancy, floors 2 and 3) $2,550
Fields Hall (single occupancy, first floor) $2950 $2,950
Mignon Hall $2,650
Mignon Tower $2,650
Nunn Hall $2,500
West Mignon Hall $2,650
University Farm  
     Lundergan Hall $3,350
     Lundergan Hall (work assignment) $1,675
     Padula Hall $3,350
     Padula Hall (work assignment) $1,675

Apartment Housing

Apartment (Rate amount is per semester.) Rate per person if shared among:
  1 person 2 people 3 people
Eagle Lake Apartments      
1 bedroom $6,120 $3,060 N/A
2 bedroom N/A $4,440 $2,960
Mays Hall      
efficiency $4,520 N/A N/A
1 bedroom $5,920 $2,960 NA
2 bedroom N/A $4,275 $2,850
Normal Hall* $5,500* $2,750 N/A

* one person occupancy pending availability

  1. All rates are for standard occupancy unless otherwise noted.
  2. Private rooms, private suites, and semi-private suites are subject to availability and are billed at a premium rate.
  3. Morehead State University's On-Campus Residency Policy requires all full-time students under the age of 21 who have earned fewer than 60 University recognized college credit hours to live on campus and subscribe to one of the University meal plans. Students must be 21 years of age by the first day of classes to fulfill residency and meal plan requirements. Full-time students enrolled exclusively in internet courses and/or enrolled exclusively at a regional campus center are exempt from this policy. Additionally, students that reside at the University Farm are exempt from this policy.
  4. All full-time students with at least one class located on MSU's main campus will automatically be enrolled in the Supporting Success Flex program ($100 FLEX per semester) provided the student is not enrolled in another meal plan.
  5. Students who do not meet the criteria to live off campus, and do not have an approved housing waiver, will be billed "Required Housing" which is equivalent to the lowest published residence hall semester rate for a standard double occupancy room.
  6. Rooms in designated break housing will remain open during University closed periods (Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break). All other residence halls will be closed during break periods.
  7. Grote-Thompson Hall is designated solely for students enrolled in the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics.