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Starting a New Student Organization

Morehead State strongly supports the innovation of our students in creating organizations to meet shared interests. The process for creating a new student organization is outlined below. For additional support, contact Student Activities at 606-783-2071.


  • Ability to apply for funding through the Student Government Association (SGA).
  • Ability to request use of campus facilities through Rendezvous for organization-related activities.
  • Online portal and free website through Eagle Link.
  • Ability to reserve a table at the annual Eagle Fest/Eagle Explosion.
  • A student organization mailbox in 217 ADUC.
  • Ability to apply for a university account through Accounting and Financial Services.
  • Eligibility for an SGA Award.


To register or re-register your student organization, you will need the following:

  • At least 8 members listed on your roster (this may include officers of the organization) Members are defined as current MSU students enrolled full-time (12 Undergraduate or nine Graduate credit hours)
  • A constitution or set of bylaws that governs the organization as well as processes and procedures of the organization:
    • Basic template
    • Intermediate template
    • Advanced template
  • Your advisor must be a full-time MSU employee.
  • Club Account Authorization Form – only required for student organizations that are collecting dues or have any other financial interactions. This requires the signature of the advisor (sponsor), president, treasurer and Associate Director of Leadership, Programming and Inclusion. Only those listed on this form can sign payment requests for student organizations. Renewal authorization is required annually.


  • Complete Annual Registration via Eagle Link.
    • New Student Organizations
      • Sign in to Eagle Link using your MSU login.
      • Select “ORGANIZATIONS" from the top menu.
      • Select “REGISTER AN ORGANIZATION” from the left menu.
      • Select “REGISTER A NEW ORGANIZATION” at the bottom of the page.
      • Follow the steps provided to complete the form.
    • Organizations that are Re-Registering
      • You must have signed into Eagle Link at least once to be registered as a user before you begin this process and must use your MSU email address to log in.
      • Sign in to Eagle Link using your MSU login information.
      • Select “ORGANIZATIONS" from the top menu.
      • Select “REGISTER AN ORGANIZATION” from the left menu.
      • Search for your organization.
      • Click the “RE-REGISTER” button and follow the steps provided.
  • Once you submit a registration/re-registration form, your submission will be approved or denied within 2-5 University business days.
  • If approved, you will receive an email stating that your registration was approved and a copy of your Verification Letter.
  • If denied, a detailed description of why you were denied will be sent to you through Eagle Link, and you can work with your organization to meet the desired criteria outlined in that description.