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Policies & Guidelines

As a resident of our halls, you are encouraged to read and familiarize yourself with the Housing Resident Handbook to fully understand what living in the residence halls at MSU means. In this handbook, you will find policies, guidelines, and expectations of residential students that help make our halls your home away from home.

Living in University Housing at Morehead State University carries with it an inherent amount of rights and responsibilities. As described in the Student Handbook, our residents are expected to familiarize themselves with their rights and responsibilities on campus as MSU students. The Dean of Students serves as the chief student judicial officer at Morehead State and maintains all disciplinary records, organizes disciplinary committees and supervises their operations, serves as liaison to the University attorney in litigious matters involving students, investigates the facts in cases, and makes provisional decisions in cases subject to review.

The Eagle Student Handbook provides you with MSU's policies on behavior, plagiarism, alcohol, drug, and tobacco policies, as well as offers valuable resources for students in crisis or to help build a vibrant community on campus through your actions and responsibilities.

Housing Waiver Request Process

Students seeking an exemption to the Morehead State University On-Campus Residency Policy should familiarize themselves with this process before submitting their Housing Waiver and associated documentation.

  • Log in to Housing Self-Service via MyMoreheadState.
  • Select “Applications.”
  • Select “Housing Waiver” from the drop-down menu.
  • Complete the initial request where you will outline the type of waiver you are applying for (commuting from home, special circumstances, transfer residency experience, etc.).
  • You will receive an email within 24 hours to your MSU email account with further instructions.
    • This email will outline documentation and supporting information you must submit based on your reasons for applying that you selected in the initial request.
    • Instructions will be provided within that email for upload and submission of your documentation for review. To reduce processing time and speed up your decision, please have all documents gathered before submission.

Once all documentation is submitted, the Office of Student Housing staff will perform an initial review of your Waiver Request. A response (either approved or denied) will be sent to your MSU email within ten business days.

If your Waiver Request is approved, you will see pending charges for mandatory housing and dining removed from your account within seven days of approval. If you are currently under contract to live on campus, you must cancel your housing contract via email to

Approval of a waiver does not cancel your contract automatically. Please note: Most waivers are valid for the entire academic year, and you will need to submit a new housing waiver for each subsequent academic year that you wish to be exempt from the On-Campus Residency Requirement. The Office of Student Housing reserves the right to grant a waiver for a shorter period pending case-specific circumstances or details. Additionally, if your information changes (change of residence address, etc.) during the approval period, you must notify the Office of Student Housing via email and may need to resubmit and recertify your waiver request.

If your Waiver Request is denied, and you would like to pursue living on campus, visit the Apply for Housing page for application instructions. Should you feel that additional consideration of your waiver request is needed, you can pursue a waiver appeal in truly rare/exceptional circumstances, see Waiver Request Appeal Information.

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