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Summer Camp Housing

Welcome to Morehead State University for your residential summer camp experience. On this page is helpful information that you will likely find useful for the duration of your stay.


Morehead State Office of Student Housing will reach out to the camp director in advance of your arrival to plan your stay and confirm various details, including number of campers and staff, gender breakdown, etc. We will also be confirming camp arrival and departure time.

Once details are confirmed, we cannot accept changes nor add attendees. 

Camp leadership will be provided a list of allocated rooms based on the confirmed details of the camp. Camp leadership is responsible for assigning attendees to the allocated rooms as well as identifying vacant rooms for quarantine/isolation.  Camp leadership must provide this information to the Office of Student Housing no later than 48 hours prior to camp arrival.

In addition to allocated room assignments, camp leadership must provide the Office of Student Housing the name and contact information for any camp staff who require access cards for the entrances to the assigned residence hall. These cards should not be issued to attendees.  The camp will be charged if issued cards are not returned at camp departure.

If your camp or camp participant/staff requires special accommodation for any issue, it is always advised to discuss these needs with the Office of Student Housing in advance of your arrival. Options are limited for meeting any needs that are not coordinated in advance.


  • Building Access: Residence Hall doors remain locked 24/7 and require card access to enter. Camp Directors will be issued access cards upon their arrival by the Office of Student Housing in accordance with the confirmed details of the camp.  The access cards will only be issued to camp staff/leadership and shall not be issued to individual campers. It is the camp leadership’s responsibility to provide building access when camp attendees return to the residence hall.  The Office of Student Housing Desk Staff are not permitted to grant access to the resident hall for any reason. Issued access cards not returned upon check out will incur a damage bill issued to the camp.
  • Keys: Camps are responsible for all keys issued and confirmed at camp check in. Camp directors will be issued all requested keys based on pre-arranged rosters as well as vacant quarantine/isolation room spaces. Failure to return any keys at check-out will result in billing the camp for lock changes and new keys. Keys will not be accepted via mail or after the camp checks out of the hall.
  • Lock Outs: If Summer Experience Staff is called upon for a lock out for an individual room, there will be a $10 charge billed to the camp for each of these events. Camp leadership will need to request any lock out assistance in person at the service desk. For this reason, and to help avoid post-camp billing, it is advised that camp leadership issue one key to the occupants of the room to share and retain one key per room for lockouts.
  • Exploration: Camp attendees and staff are restricted to their allocated floors. It is likely that other camps are on different floors while your camp is present.  In order to maintain safety and security of all camps, the restriction to your own floor will be firmly enforced.
  • General Behavior: Camp attendees and staff are expected to be courteous and respectful to other guests, Summer Experience staff, and the MSU community. Failure to do so may result in camps or individuals being removed from the campus. 
  • Vending: Vending is located in the lobby level of each residence hall. At present, machines accept cash, card, and Apple Pay. Summer Experience staff do not have access to change.
  • Laundry: Each residence hall has a laundry room that is free to use. If this is a need, camp directors should speak with Summer Experience staff for additional information.
  • Trash: Each residence hall floor has trash rooms where bagged garbage should be disposed.
  • Campus Policies: Morehead State University is a tobacco-free and alcohol-free campus, regardless of age. Guests who fail to abide by these policies or camps that have participants who violate these guidelines will be asked to leave.
  • Animals: Animals are not allowed in Morehead State University housing. Service animals trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities are permitted in the residence halls. 
  • Wireless Internet Access: Guests of Morehead State University as part of our Summer Experience have access to wireless internet through the campus WiFi network. Guests can link smartphones, tablets, and computers to MSU_Public, no password required. Please follow any prompts provided for technology use agreements or registration. Please note, game systems cannot be linked to MSU_Public.
  • Summer Experience Staff: Morehead State University staffs the residence halls where camps are located with 24/7 front desk client support. These student staff members can assist with general campus questions and answers, providing camp directors additional keys for lock outs or lost keys, reporting facility maintenance needs or issues, and assisting with administrative processes like check ins or check outs. These staff members are unable to provide change and will not allow access to the building to anyone for any reason.


Summer Experience Staff: 606-776-8859

University Police: 606-783-2035


Prior to departing campus and beginning check-out procedures with the Summer Experience staff: ensure all rooms are clean, trash removed, and furniture is as it was found and confirmed on the check-in sheet. A walk-through will be performed of allocated room spaces and camp leadership can choose to be present during this walkthrough.

Summer Experience staff will work with camp directors to confirm keys and building access cards are returned to the front desk. Anything unreturned listed on check-in confirmation or excessive cleaning or damages will result in additional billing post-check out from Morehead State Conference and Event Services.

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