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Safety & Security


At Morehead State University, safety and security in the residence halls is something that we take exceptionally seriously. To that end, we have implemented the following protocols and procedures for ensuring the halls remain a safe and secure environment for our residents and staff to live and learn in.

  • Each building is secured via a card access system that requires residency in the building for admittance.
  • Building entrances are monitored via security camera.
  • Buildings are equipped with constantly-monitored fire suppression systems, sprinklers and alarms.
  • Residence hall staff do periodic rounds through their buildings throughout the day to ensure entrances and exits are secured and working properly, safety equipment is in working order, and there are no facility issues that present a threat to the community.
  • Hall staff are on-call in the evening to monitor building or resident issues and to provide short-response time should an issue arise.

Despite the measures in place to ensure that intruders are not afforded easy entrance, the biggest impact toward safety and security in the halls is the behavior of the residents. Some tips for residents to make sure they do not become a victim of theft in the halls:

  • Always lock your residence hall room or apartment, even when going down the hall, to the restroom, or to the kitchen.
  • Do not allow others to follow you into the hall after you have swiped your EagleCard. This is known as "tailgating" and allows people who may not live in your building access to it.
  • Do not leave possessions unattended or unwatched. Leaving laptops, tablets, phones, etc. in community spaces like lounges, kitchens, etc. could result in them not being there when you return.
  • Do not loan your EagleCard or room key to another person.

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