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Student Complaint Form

Morehead State University is committed to treating all students fairly and respectfully. Students should first attempt to resolve their concerns informally through collaboration and discussion. Many issues may be resolved by meeting with the concerned parties and/or scheduling an appointment to meet with a faculty or staff member and discussing the concern in a clear, honest, and respectful way. Some issues may require resolution through an existing, prescribed process

The following resources may help:

Not every written inquiry or concern from a student constitutes a formal written student complaint. Formal written student complaints typically involve requests for resolution after a student has been denied an action or service that the student believes is merited and after the student has exhausted any existing procedures to resolve the concern. If a student's concern cannot be resolved informally or through an existing process, the student may file a formal complaint through the Dean of Students.

Note: The formal written student complaint process is not intended to serve as an appeal to a prior decision. If a student’s concern was resolved through an existing process that was properly administered and fundamentally fair, then the student’s complaint is typically considered resolved.

See UAR 505 - Formal Written Student Complaint Process:

  1. Attempt an informal resolution of the matter.
  2. Follow any prescribed procedures related to the complaint.
  3. Complete all the fields on the Student Complaint Form and submit the form.
  4. If you cannot submit the form online, you may mail or deliver your complaint to: Dean of Students, 227 Adron Doran University Center, Morehead, KY 40351.

Anonymous complaints are not accepted.

The Dean of Students is not an advocate for any party to a dispute but is an advocate for a fair process. In most cases, the Dean of Students will refer the matter to another office for resolution. This assures that the complaint is considered by the appropriate officials and receives an impartial review.

Submit a Complaint

Contact the Dean of Students

Max Ammons, Dean of Students

227 ADUC
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2070
PHONE: 606-783-2014