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Eagle Success Program

The Eagle Success Program (ESP) assists freshmen who do not meet MSU's minimum admission requirements, and who are therefore admitted conditionally or provisionally. Most ESP students need to develop basic competencies in one or more academic areas such as English, reading, or mathematics. ESP can help you develop the skills needed to successfully complete your college program.

Most ESP students enroll in freshman (100 level) and enhanced college courses simultaneously. Students taking enhanced college courses typically enjoy smaller class sizes and academic support services that are tailored to their needs. The limited class size ensures personal attention and frequent interaction between instructors and students. Students in these courses also receive regular progress reports.

ESP students are assigned an ESP academic advisor and a peer-coach who meets with each student as often as necessary (determined by the student or advisor). During your first meeting, your advisor will help you develop specific academic and career goals. Your advisor can also assist with basic college success strategies, such as: study skills, time management, academic and career planning, and adjustment to college life. Your advisor also monitors your progress and can alert you to any potential problems.

ESP offers students many academic support services, including:
free individualized tutoring,
educational materials, writing and math resources (Tutoring and Learning Center), and
special support programs for students with learning disabilities.


As an ESP student, you will be placed in courses based on several factors, including:

  • High school records
  • ACT scores
  • Placement testing scores
  • Individual preference

We'll provide you with a carefully designed schedule of classes for your first two semesters at MSU. Your first semester, you will take general education courses, including any required enhanced college courses. Your placement in enhanced college courses is determined by your ACT scores and placement testing scores. If you have an ACT score below 18 in English, 19 in mathematics or 20 in reading, you must take enhanced college courses in those areas. However, you may still test out through placement testing.


All ESP students must sign a contract that outlines their responsibilities, how to successfully exit the program, and how to declare a major. By signing this contract, you commit to attend mandatory study sessions for a minimum of FIVE hours per week. Our study tables provide a quiet place to study and improve your studying habits. By signing, you also agree to attend mandatory meetings with your assigned ESP academic advisor and peer-coach. You also agree to attend your classes. Your attendance is monitored by your professors and ESP academic advisor. You are also required to complete one or more academic progress forms each semester.

  • Download the ESP Contract


Any student who falls below the University standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress may be academically dropped from the Eagle Success Program and the University after two consecutive semesters of Unsatisfactory Academic Progress.

Contact Information

Academic Advising

321 Allie Young Hall
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2084