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Code of Conduct

We are proud to offer students and alumni high-quality career services and resources. We know that we have some of the best graduates around. We expect that our students and alumni act professionally as they are representatives of the finest of MSU. To utilize MSU Career Services, you must act according to The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) ethical guidelines. Failing to do so could suspend your rights to service.

  • Provide accurate information about your academic work and records, including courses taken, grades, positions held, and duties performed.
  • Interview only with employers you are sincerely interested in working for and whose eligibility requirements you meet.
  • Appear for all interviews, on campus or elsewhere. Contact the employer (or career services) if something prevents you from attending the interview.
  • Communicate your acceptance or refusal of a job offer to employers promptly so they can notify other candidates that may be considered.
  • When you accept an offer, you should have every intention of honoring that commitment.
  • Withdraw from recruiting when you have accepted a job.
  • If reimbursed by an employer for expenses during recruiting,   only claim reasonable and legitimate expenses. 
  • Remember, when you are interacting with faculty and staff, you are “branding” yourself. Make sure your brand is of high quality.

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