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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is a DS-sponsored program designed to foster the success of students with disabilities at MSU. Loosely modeled after the nationally available ADD coaching concept, our process involves assigning a graduate student as a "Coach" who, under the training and supervision of the DS Coordinator, works one-on-one with a student on his/her self-selected academic and interpersonal goals. Coaching sessions typically last fifteen to thirty minutes once or twice per week but may include texts, emails or phone calls between sessions, if appropriate.

Personal Coaching differs from both counseling and tutoring. The role of the Coach is to assist in the development of organization, problem-solving, assertive communication, study skills, and routines that help in overcoming procrastination. Through frequent contact and accountability with the Coach, students are helped to remain on task so that deadlines are met, and assignments do not seem overwhelming. Many students find that the relationship with their Coach, a highly resourceful person who shares an interest in their success, makes an important difference. Personal Coaching may be renewed from semester to semester as long as the student remains committed to the program's goals and continues to benefit.

This program is confidential and free of charge; however, participation is limited. Please contact the assistant director for student services and disability services at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss your interest.

Contact Disability Services

Misty Litton, Assistant Director

202 ADUC
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-5188
FAX: 606-783-9190